Picking Podcasts

Hi Pals,

I’ve recently started getting into Podcasts more and more. I do like Audiobooks – in fact, that’s why I have a monthly subscription to SCRIBD (think Netflix but for books. That link is an affiliate and will get you two months reading free!)

I feel I can commit to 4-5 hours of a podcast, but not an Audiobook. I guess it’s the ability to focus in and out. Like how I can binge 6 hours of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix, but not commit to a 1-2-hour movie.

Here’s a list of podcasts that I recommend getting you through that next 45-minute doctors wait, while you’re waiting for a friend or the next trip you’re taking – whether it be a night bus or long layover at the airport.

Not all of them I liked, which I’ll elaborate on – and some I loved. Be aware, Sub Category is just the term I’ve put in to shorten “what I believe it’s all about a subcategory” not what it might be.

Podcasts can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify. All links (no affiliates) take you to their main website.


seriallogoCategory: True Crime
Sub Category: 
In-depth on the specific case.
This American Life
Season: One
Episode Length:
45 – 60 mins
Peabody, 2015.

They call ‘Serial‘ the one that put podcasts on the list. Coming out in 2014, it’s the most talked about the podcast and most followed. I don’t think you can have a podcast recommendation list without Serial being mentioned. It’s what all other true crime podcasts seem to be reviewed against as well.

Recommended by a pal, it’s a one series show composed of 12 episodes that investigate the murder of high school student, Hae Min Lee. Accused was Adnan Syed, Lee’s ex-boyfriend. They talk about the case, the evidence provided witnesses and leave you addicted to the case after each episode. It takes so much willpower to not just blast right through it.

I liked everything about this podcast, especially the research and dedication that went into it from the producer, Sarah Koenig. Her voice is easy to follow, the information and interviews are set up in ways that make sense and its overall just an easy listen.


Category: Performing Arts
Sub Category:
Musical, Fictional Story.
By: Wiseguy Pictures
Episode Length:
60 mins
Webby Awards, 2018

36 Questions are about bringing a new genre to podcasts – and it works. It’s about two people, on the verge of divorce trying to work it out through the 36 questions that made them initially fall in love. Through the episodes, it switches between musical lyrics either solo or duet, and back to character development through the script.

You can find the 36 said questions online as well. These 36 questions bring up a range of answers, about being in love, self-discovery and relationship issues.

I love musicals but dislike musical television episodes, if that gives you a sense. The voices are beautiful, catchy and almost calming – It’s an effective way to pass time because it’s so easy to follow and doesn’t really necessarily need you to tune your whole mind into the story.


Category: Education
Sub Category:
Sex, Relationships, Love. 
Triple J
Episode Length:
45 – 60 mins.

The Hook Up is by Australian radio program TripleJ and is probably one of my favourites to binge listen to. They’ve taken their segment and created a Podcast, which is perfect for those who never really listen to the radio.
It talks about everything from historical to modern sex, relationships and life. Talks about LGBTQ, kinks, love and lust, partners, sexual education within schools and the internet.
They introduce a range of professional experts or academics into the podcast and then discuss the category with audience participation through text and call.
This is one of my favourite podcasts to binge listen to because it really does cover such a broad range in terms of sexual health, relationships and as they talk to a range of ages,


alone-promoCategory: Personal Journey
Sub Category: Sex, Relationships, Love. 
Episode Length:
45 mins.

Alone is a personal journey/journal read by Michelle Parise. To ask herself the question of spending her time alone, in love or lust.

What struck me most about this podcast is the brutal honesty that Parise tells it in. It’s almost like listening to your friend talk about their most recent relationship, it gives you a sense that she’s personally only telling you the story.

Although I didn’t relate to all aspects of this podcast – children, marriage, divorce – the explanation of what was going on in that time, how it came about and the feelings she personally was having – it’s easy to relate and build a connection.


Category: Comedy
Sub Category: Advice Discussion
By: Maximum Fun
Episode Length:
45 mins.

My Brother, My Brother and Me have enough content to last you just under two weeks if you listen to it non-stop. If you’re not going to be doing that, then you have at least 180,000 minutes of content to get you through.
It’s hosted by the McElroy brothers who hold discussions about Yahoo answers. Some answers are sent in, some are found but the overall consensus is that this podcast is funny as heck. If you’ve ever read up yahoo answers, you get to find some interesting questions. So, you can only imagine the discussions they have.
They have episodes on Youtube/iTunes store as well.


Category:  True Crime
Sub Category: 
In-depth on a specific case.
Tenderfood Tv.
Episode Length: 
20 – 45 mins
Awards: Weeby Awards, 2017

Up and Vanished is about the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a former beauty queen, high school teacher who disappeared from her hometown in USA state Georgia.

It’s set up a bit differently from other True Crime Podcasts, in the sense it started “Case Evidence” where they go over evidence found and explain it more in depth – which I found really helpful in terms of understanding more of the legalities of true crime podcasts. Another resource is that they opened a telephone line for the public to give questions/answers which also were focused in on bonus episodes.
I didn’t really like this podcast, I recommend it of course because maybe you will – but Payne Lindsay, the “filmmaker turned amateur investigator” just irks me the wrong way – especially after the episode where he interviews a certain individual and has a go at them.
Content and research, the way it’s set up – everything is good. Except for Payne. I just, I don’t like him.

Sub Category: Random Facts and Questions
By: Gimlet
Episode Length:
25 mins.

Every Little Thing is one of my favourites. For every question, you’ve never asked yourself or any answer you never really needed to know – this is for you! From learning about how old Winnie the Pooh is to Why Car Adverts are so Insane, they talk to academics, researchers, experts and everything in between.
The questions are called in by anyone, and then they break it down bit by bit so you have a real understanding of the amazing parts of ordinary questions.


Already listened to these ones?
Check out my second list here.

What are you currently listening to? Have any recommendations?
Let me know below!
As always, stay cool.
– Sarah.


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