Melbourne is one of my favourite cities, I’m obviously biased because I also call it my home (for right now.) I’ve lived in Melbourne since 2010, and I love when people are in town so you’re are able to show them things you normally miss out on! Here’s what I recently did on a day out!


ACMI     |       T.A

Click ‘ACMI’ for the main website, T.A for TripAdvisor Reviews.

⏰  10:00 – 17:00
📍 Federation Square, Melbourne.
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, located in Federation Square, celebrates all that is film, games, digital culture/art and television. It’s constantly changing, it’s previous exhibitions includes Tim Burton, Scorsese, David Bowie, Wallace and Gromit and Dreamworks Animation.


💰  Free (donations accepted)
📆 Permanent Exhibition.

This is one of my favourite recommendations for those in Melbourne, as it’s such an interactive exhibition. It focuses on Indigenous Australians within the media, the move to colour in television and having the internet introduced. There is a games section where you’re able to try out Space Invaders, 1980s Mario Kart and Minecraft.  It’s got something for all ages.

Focusing on mainly Australian Influences, it shows a lot of iconic moments. Such as – Shannon Noll coming second to Guy Sebastian,  Kylie Minogue getting married in Neighbours, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and clips from The Castle, Kath & Kim and The Dish.

The interactive part of Screenworlds is probably the best part. Whether it be impacting light to transform you into characters, dark light rooms, matrix style photographs or light to make it look like figures are moving* it’s gonna kill time, be entertaining and maybe even educational too.

* Be warned, If strobe lights aren’t your thing – make sure you look at signs advising which parts do include that.


💰 (IN AUD)  Full $25.00 • Concession $21 • $20 Child $16 • Family $65
📆 30 Apr 2018. – 7 Oct 2018

ACMI is celebrating Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice in Wonderland. S It’s been taken from Literature to Film and so many adaptions including Food, Music, Art, Games and even Tourist Attractions.

From copies of notes from Caroll to signed copies of Alice drawings from Walt Disney himself, it covers the history of the beloved character who has been celebrated so many times.

They make it such an interactive exhibition, from picking doors to carrying maps to get hidden messages – it really takes inspiration from the classic Wonderland we’ve grown up with.

Towards the end of the exhibition, you’ll line up for a projection room of the Mad Hatter Tea Party and then as you’re walking out, making a college to have your face appear on screen as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Around Melbourne.

I love starting my day off in Degraves Lane where the coffee is strong and you have a little crisis over whether you want to pay that much for ‘smashed avo’ (SPOILER: You do.)  I’d never been to Time Out but it’s always popular, due to the location. The food was neat, coffee was good and they had such a good selection of desserts.

It’s also right near Hosier Lane and ACDC Lane which always has a range of street art. I generally prefer ACDC lane because I find that it doesn’t get over-tagged as much as Hosier.

As always, Stay Cool.
– Sarah


  1. All of the ACMI exhibits look really interesting! Melbourne seems like a very creative and artistic city based on your photos. I would love to visit there someday.


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