Fitting into Queenstown.

Hi Pals, New Zealand is the third most beautiful country in the world according to a poll down in 2017 by Rough Guilds. Now, whether or not you think this is true, there is no denying that it’s unreal.

I’m lucky that airlines like Jetstar often have cheap flights to New Zealand, and when a recent sale came up for the long weekend to Queenstown, I couldn’t say no! I reached out to a buddy of mine and said I was coming over. 3 hours on a flight? Easy. Return flight via Auckland? Not as easy.

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Carrying it on.


Hi Pals,

We’ve all got a list of things we feel are necessary to our trip, long or short – we’d rather have it with us. I’m currently packing for Queenstown; New Zealand and I’m triple checking I’ve got everything I need –  it doesn’t matter that this is a 3-day trip or that it’s just 3 hours away or that I’m going to see a friend and will probably be busy. I want my carry on to be continuously A+.

I’m not talking about my overall carry on, or the extreme essentials (passport, cards, camera etc) – just what’s in my backpack. I’m talking about things that make our trip easier, more enjoyable and generally allows us to be more comfortable, relaxed and prepared.

Everything in my carry-on fits into my BEEKEEPER Backpack.

Beekeeper Backpacks.

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