Carrying it on.


Hi Pals,

We’ve all got a list of things we feel are necessary to our trip, long or short – we’d rather have it with us. I’m currently packing for Queenstown; New Zealand and I’m triple checking I’ve got everything I need –  it doesn’t matter that this is a 3-day trip or that it’s just 3 hours away or that I’m going to see a friend and will probably be busy. I want my carry on to be continuously A+.

I’m not talking about my overall carry on, or the extreme essentials (passport, cards, camera etc) – just what’s in my backpack. I’m talking about things that make our trip easier, more enjoyable and generally allows us to be more comfortable, relaxed and prepared.

Everything in my carry-on fits into my BEEKEEPER Backpack.

Beekeeper Backpacks.

Each backpack purchase allows a child to go to English class for an entire year. It’s made from discarded textiles/shirts and each pattern is different. They can come in amazing prints, or if you’re like me – who only wears black/blue, you can get those too.

My favourite part about it is the number of pockets (I’m a sucker for pockets.)
– two side pockets that can hold 750ml (I cannot have a backpack without one)
– two pockets at the front, one with an organiser.
– laptop compartment on the inside.
– secret zip up pocket (fits keys, Go-Pro, hotel/hostel keys etc.)



  1. Sunscreen
    I pretty much never leave the house unless I’ve got sunscreen on. I use tinted Cancer Council Day Wear – which is non-greasy, goes on super easy and protects you from both UVA/B rays with SPF+30. It’s around $15 and comes in 75ml meaning it’s perfect for carry-on, and it lasts.
  2. Globite Eye Mask
    Globite masks are some of the comfiest I’ve found, in terms of the price and they come in a cute lil’ eye pattern. Soft fleece with a backed eyeshade, they also come with a pocket on the side that keeps earplugs as well.
  3. Contigo Drink Bottle You’re able to take a drink bottle through security if it’s empty. Depending on where you’re going – a lot of airports have free water stations. Great for your wallet, great for the environment! I’m a huge fan of Contigo – because they have autoseal. It means that I can use them one-handed, which you don’t know how good that is – until you’ve got it.
  4. Journal  I use journals for all sorts of reasons – a diary to remember what I did, to capture tickets and stickers of activities I’ve done and brochures/menus of fascinating places I went. I also like to use the back of the journal for thoughts/ recommendations/things to remember.

Things I love to have:

Reading Material: Sometimes you won’t be on a flight that includes entertainment. That’s when a book, magazine or downloaded PDF files can be great. Check out Goodreads for inspiration on what your next book should be, Scribd is a great app where you can download them to your phone or tablet for a monthly subscription and of course, there’s always a library (if you’re returning home) or second-hand stores!


Reading Light / Headlamp. The amount of times that a headlamp has come in handy is amazing. I can use it to read, find the bathroom at night, finding something in my bag on the flight without disrupting anyone.


Travel Pillow. Okay, technically this doesn’t fit in my backpack, but it just clips on my bag. I love the Globite one. It’s got a pull strap so you can wear it across your shoulder – sounds weird but it works.

Silk Sleeping Bag.  I ordered a faux silk sleeping bag off eBay a few years ago, and it is honestly beyond amazing. I need to sleep with something over me, so on buses, trains and planes, I get this little baby out. It also works as a second layer to keep warmth in and my friends have also started to order them!  

WOTNOT Facewipe Travel Case.  Although, I’ve run out of the original face wipes – I love this case! I find when I carry face wipes, my bag always destroys them with frequent use. This case now protects them! I have baby wipes in my main case and place half a dozen inside a zip lock bag. You never know when you’re going to need to freshen up. The wipes are great for a “festival shower” so to say! I’ve used the mirror a few times as well.

Casio Watch.  I always wear a watch – but there is nothing better than the Casios. It’s water resistant, has an alarm, stop watch and illuminates for those times when you wake up and don’t want to blind yourself with your phone. Sometimes, your phone dies – it doesn’t automatically update. A watch is helpful.

My favourite bits & bobs:

Antibacterial Gel/Wipes: Did you know that the tray table has 20x, yes TWENTY TIMES the amount of bacteria found in the bathrooms. Also, as a lot of people get that post flight flu – I try to use this before I touch that tray.

Chewing Gum: This is mainly to help my ears pop! I find that if I don’t have gum, I’m not going to be having a good time.

A Pen: Not only will you have to fill out immigration/visa forms in a lot of countries, but you’ve got a lot of time to think! Writing down is the best way for me to brainstorm – and what better place to do it than stuck thousands of feet up in the sky!

Sticky Tape: People think this is a weird one, but I always carry sticky tape. Whether I’m making temporary band aids with tissues (it does work) or taping up a rip in your down jacket – sticky tape is my number 1 go to. It can also be used to quickly fix shoes, books, bags and nearly anything!




Do you have anything you just can’t travel without? Think I need to add things? Let me know!

As always, stay cool.
– Sarah.


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