15 things you should have in your personal carry on.

Hi Pals,

We’ve all got a list of things we feel are necessary for our trip, whether it be long or short – we’d rather have it with us.  I’m always triple checking I’ve got everything I need because I want my carry on to be continuously A+.

I’m not talking about my overall carry on, and that always depends per airline (check here for an updated list of restrictions) my beauty/liquids or essentials (passports/electronics) – but the things that make our trip easier, more enjoyable and generally allows us to be more comfortable, relaxed and prepared.

So, here’s 15 things that I love to have in my personal carry on when I travel!

ONE: Functional Bag.

I love a good backpack –
Look for things like laptop holders, drink bottle holders and little pockets for keys, pens, passports etc.
I go with the beekeeper backpack as they’re made from recycled materials and each purchase allows a child to go to English class for an entire year. They come in a range of different patterns and textiles.
The beekeeper has two side pockets that can hold 750ml, a laptop compartment and two front compartments.

TWO: Eye Mask

We all know that the best-priced flights are the ones SUPER early in the morning, or late at night – so what better way to get some shut-eye than to block all the light out!
Globite masks are some of the comfiest I’ve found, in terms of the price and they come in a cute lil’ eye pattern. Soft fleece with a backed eyeshade, they also come with a pocket on the side that keeps earplugs as well.

THREE: Earplugs / Sleeping Headphones.

I take two sets of earphones, one just the old apple ones that plug into my phone and also these Sleeping Headphones.
They’re a comfy headband that means no matter how you’re sleeping – your ears won’t hurt.

FOUR: Drink Bottle

You’re able to take a drink bottle through security if it’s empty. Depending on where you’re going – a lot of airports have free water stations. Great for your wallet, great for the environment!
I’m a huge fan of Contigo – because they have auto-seal. It means that I can use them one-handed, which you don’t know how good that is – until you’ve got it.

FIVE: Journal  

I use journals for all sorts of reasons – a diary to remember what I did, to capture tickets and stickers of activities I’ve done and brochures/menus of fascinating places I went. I also like to use the back of the journal for thoughts/ recommendations/things to remember.

SIX: Reading Material:

Sometimes you won’t be on a flight that includes entertainment. That’s when a book, magazine or downloaded PDF files can be great. Check out Goodreads for inspiration on what your next book should be, Scribd (affiliate – this will get you two months free)is a great app where you can download them to your phone or tablet for a monthly subscription and of course, there’s always a library (if you’re returning home) or second-hand stores!

SEVEN: Reading Light / Headlamp.

The amount of times that a headlamp has come in handy is amazing. I can use it to read, find the bathroom at night, finding something in my bag on the flight without disrupting anyone.

 EIGHT: Travel Pillow.

Okay, technically they RARELY fit in your bag, unless you have a blow up one, and let’s be honest those blow up ones well, blow.  I love the Globite one; It’s a long snake-like pillow with a pull strap. You can wear it across your shoulder, hang it off the headrest or wear it around your neck – sounds weird but it works.

NINE: Silk Sleeping Bag.

I ordered a faux silk sleeping bag off eBay a few years ago, and it is honestly beyond amazing. It gives you that extra layer of warmth on cold flights, extra protection for bugs at night and I personally like always having a top sheet (I know.) They’re about $10 AUD – a similar one is here.

TEN: Face Wipes + Face Masks.

Face wipes are perfect to freshen up. Travelling can be gross, it’s nice to be able to wipe your face or have a so-called “festival shower.”
I like to grab a face mask or two at Daiso or any Korean Beauty Store to hydrate my skin. You might look like Michael Myers a notch, but your skin will thank you.
I personally love the WOTNOT Face Wipe Travel Case because it’s made out of recycled materials, and I can re-fill with baby wipes at later stages. A mirror is on the back (totally handy.)


Again, not technically in your carry on but it’s super helpful to have a watch. Personally, I go the Casios. It’s water resistant, has an alarm, stopwatch and illuminates for those times when you wake up and don’t want to blind yourself with your phone. Helpful in: phone dies, phone didn’t automatically update, a stranger is asking you the time (common stealing technique.)

TWELVE: Antibacterial Gel/ Baby Wipes:

Did you know that the tray table has 20 times, yes TWENTY TIMES the amount of bacteria found in the bathrooms?! Also, as a lot of people get that post-flight flu – I try to wipe down the tray before I touch it.
I also like to use baby wipes to freshen up, you can make your own antibacterial wipe with them and the hand sanitiser as well.

THIRTEEN: Chewing Gum

This is mainly to help my ears pop! I find that if I don’t have gum, I’m not going to be having a good time.


Not only will you have to fill out immigration/visa forms in a lot of countries, but you’ve got a lot of time to think! Writing down is the best way for me to brainstorm – and what better place to do it than stuck thousands of feet up in the sky!

FIFTEEN: Sticky Tape

People think this is a weird one, but I always carry sticky tape. Whether I’m making temporary band-aids with tissues (it does work) or taping up a rip in your down jacket (also works) – sticky tape is my number 1 go to. It can also be used to quickly fix shoes, books, bags and nearly anything!

Do you have anything you just can’t travel without?
Think I need to add things? Remove things? Just let me know below.

As always, stay cool.
– Sarah.


  1. This is a really helpful list! I like the idea of the facewipe case and the antibacterial wipes for the tray in the plane. I will have to invest in those before my next trip.


    1. Yesss! The tray has a mirror too – which is nice for a touch up if needed. When someone told me about the tray I nearly lost it! It’s also good before eating / after you touch lots of things along your trip (especially doggos)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Wiki,
    Thanks for your comment! Your cats are beautiful, I will definitely follow. Thanks for subscribing! Let me know what you think 🙂
    Have a great day! Sarah


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