Check here to see if you’ll need a visa. Make sure you’ve got the necessary jab here. English and Maori are the official languages. New Zealand Dollar. Code: NZD. Check exchange here.


WORKING ATMS There are plenty of ATMs in New Zealand, some of the most per capita. You’ll be able to withdraw $400-800 from any ATM. Cash won’t be very frequently used – however, it is always good to have.
CULTURAL Coming from heavily Western influences, New Zealand also prides itself on the Indigenous Maori culture. The best way to learn about this culture is to experience it, but you can also read up on it here.
ENGLISH?  English is spoken everywhere within New Zealand.
TIPPING Tipping is not usual practice, nobody who is providing you with a service would be expecting it. If you’re taking a free walking tour where they run off a ‘koha’ (gift, donation, contribution) then you should look at tipping.
TRANSPORT Buses are the most common form of transport within New Zealand.  Intercity and Naked Bus are the two main providers. A ferry runs between the North/South Island, as well as some other offshore islands. Trains are few and far but do run between certain locations. One of the nicest routes you could take in NZ would be the TranzAlpine.
WATER? You can drink the water here
INSURANCE? If you’re from the UK or Australia, you’ll have reciprocal healthcare*- otherwise travel insurance is ALWAYS needed.
*of course, read the T&Cs.


– Starbucks
– Restaurants & Cafes.
– Hotspots in main cities.
– Hostels, Hotels etc.
– Pavlova
– Jaffa Candy
– Pineapple Squares
Maori Hangi
-L&P Soda
– Mulled Cider (Alc.)
-Mulled Wine. (Alc)
– Six Barrel Sodas
Angled two or three pin plugs (the same as AUS.)
230/240 volts.


No part of the country is more than 128kms (79 miles) from the ocean.
New Zealand is the only country who have the rights to put Hobbit images on their money.
The only native animals in New Zealand are bats.
Ninety Mile Beach is only 90 kilometres long.
New Zealand is around the same size as the United Kingdom but has 60 million fewer people.

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