Fitting into Queenstown.

Hi Pals, New Zealand is the third most beautiful country in the world according to a poll down in 2017 by Rough Guilds. Now, whether or not you think this is true, there is no denying that it’s unreal.

I’m lucky that airlines like Jetstar often have cheap flights to New Zealand, and when a recent sale came up for the long weekend to Queenstown, I couldn’t say no! I reached out to a buddy of mine and said I was coming over. 3 hours on a flight? Easy. Return flight via Auckland? Not as easy.



✈ F L Y:

 The main airport is Queenstown Airport, and when you get out of the plane, you’re surrounded by mountains. Where else in the world, does an airport look like this?
Depending on where you’re flying from – Air New Zealand or Qantas are some of the ones that arrive daily. Your best bet is to sign up for alerts through Skyscanner or Google Flights.
+ Shuttle:
From the Airport, you’re able to take a public bus right to the city, where the majority of hostels and hotels are. Depending on where your hotel is, you may be able to take the shuttle right to the front door. 

🚌 B U S:

From Christchurch: Intercity Bus – $29 – $75 AUD | $21 – $56 USD
From Picton: Intercity Bus – $53 – $133 AUD | $40 – $100 USD

⛴️ F E R R Y:

The Interislander Ferry Runs between Wellington in the North Island to Picton in the South Island.  $45 – $75 AUD | $35 – $56 USD.






Lake Wakatipu is from a Maori word, Whakatipu wai-māori. First discovered on the earliest expedition into the Southern Lakes region by the tupuna (Ancestor) Rakaihauty.  Legend says that there is a giant monster who’s sleeping at the bottom of the lake (cool.)

Along the lake, little stores are set up for roasted nuts, chai teas and coffees. If you walk towards the end, away from the gardens – you’ll hit some bars.


Who doesn’t love cookies?! CookieTime understands that love. Founded in Christchurch in 1983, it’s grown into one of New Zealand’s iconic stores. They’ve also had Cookie Time Charitable Trust since 2003 to raise funds for NZ kids to discover their gifts.

When you enter, there’s an iPad that gives you a chance to win a free cookie! They’ve got a range of things you can purchase, but the shakes are one of the most popular!


Botanical Gardens are always such a nice place to walk around with a coffee, stop to read a book and get out of the feeling that you’re constantly go-go-going.


Do you like noises? Do you like people touching you? Do you like freaking out in dark rooms? YES? NO? Well, either way, this place will get you SPOOKED.
The recommended age is 15+ and they will come save you if you so-called “chicken out.”



Every Saturday, Queenstown holds Markets, so I checked out those for a while.  Although, to be fair – I did think those cake soaps were actual cakes, so was pretty disappointed when I went to see if they had testers.

The best part of the markets was that everyone was so friendly. They would explain how the products were made, how long they’d been living in Queenstown and where they were from.

After walking around to cool food places and eating probably way too many cookies (whatever you’re thinking is a lot of cookies, think more.) we head off to Attiqa for some mulled wine – which is perfect in the cold.

My friend and I went to go check out the botanical gardens and the lake, where we were told to use the rope to cross the swing. This photo is of me, unhappily looking at the said rope and the river that caused my socks and feet to be wet the next few hours (yeah I fell in okay.)


Luckily for me, I wasn’t the only one to fall into that river. After we met a couple, we convinced one that they’d make it (they didn’t) but, we then met up with them for drinks and I don’t think I’d laughed that much all weekend.




Balls and Bangles

If you think Queenstown just goes off on Cookies, well you’ve gotta check out Balls and Bangles. They’ve got Donuts and Bagels galore full of different flavours and they’re amazing.


Fergburger is a place that every time I’m in Queenstown they tell me to go check out. I am yet to check it out. It smells good, looks good but the line just does.not.look.good.
I’m sorry – I hate lines. Also, I normally leave it until the last day



I can’t wait to go back.

As always, stay cool.
– Sarah.

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