REVIEW: Puffs, the play.

Hi Pals,

I recently got to go seePuffs Or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years At A Certain School Of Magic & Magic” which is written by Matt Cox. It was a play that outshone my expectations, I Neville would have thought I’d see something Harry Potter related until the Cursed Child comes out later in Melbourne in 2019 (sorry not sorry Sydney.)

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York City or Melbourne (both the apparent best cities in the world if they’ve got Puffs) and you wanna see Harry Potter from a Hufflepuff’s view? Check. Out. PUFFS! 

Now just before we begin, I’m not a reviewer. So, this is more of a ramble than a review.

PUFFS goes over the seven magical years of the wizardry school from another characters’ point of view. Coming into the school believing that it’s always an “ordinary character that makes it big and becomes a hero” and perhaps there’s a bit of a hero in us all.  It might be strange to see the 7 years of school through another boy’s eyes and his two friends, but it sure works.

Melbourne has it held at Alex Theatre formally known as “The George Cinema.” It’s since been transformed. It’s chairs were comfy, bar was reasonably priced and they had a range of goodies. They’d also decked out the cinema to make it look more wizardly.

The show goes over the first four books, followed by an interval and then the remaining three.
We all know the story…
There’s a secret rock and a teacher that seems a bit off. There’s a chamber of secrets annd people who talk to snakes. Suddenly someone has broken out of the unbreakable prision and everyone has a slumber party. There’s a giant competition and we calmly ask if they put their name in to participate.
There’s an interval where everyone talks about the last four films.
Teenagers can sometimes be withdrawn and not talk to people, there’s a cool book that makes us smarter and suddnely we’re camping or fighting or having awkward hugs.

I guess the best way to describe PUFFS is that there are always other sides to stories, how we percieve them and go about them. I don’t want to really give anything away but I would give it 5/5 or 10/10 or full marks on whichever your rating style is.


Now, my life is nothing like Harrys. In fact, my life is more embarassingly-awkward than life-in-danger type thing.

Robert “Millsy” Mills stared in the show as Cedric – and if you’re Australian you’ll know him best from 2003 Australian Idol and his song, Miss Vanity Fair. I’ve had a pretty big crush on him, so I was low-key (not low-key at all) trying to meet him.

After the show, he came downstairs and I managed to get a photo with him. He was really nice and casual about it. I on the otherhand, was not.

Have you seen PUFFS? Have you ever met your crush and it be terrible?

As always, stay cool
– Sarah.



Written by CerealSarah

A 27-year-old whose only direction in life seems to be going around the world.

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