Osaka: The Cup Noodle Museum

Hi Pals,

If you’ve ever been to Osaka and wanted to get off the beaten path as they say, you’ve probably heard of the Instant Ramen Museum. Located in Ikeda, (a town which loves the Wombat, a native Australian marsupial who has been successfully bread in the The Satsukiyama Zoo) the Instant Ramen Museum makes a great break for something a bit hands on!

So, Here’s all I learnt and did at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum


How to get there:

🚃 From Umeda Station (different from Osaka Station) take the Hankyu-Takarazuka Line (18m / 5 stops) to Ikeda Station.
270 ¥
Once at Ikeda Station, you’ll see Hiyoko-Chan (the mascot of Nissin) on signs for the Ramen Museum. 



⏰ 9:30 ~ 16:00 last admission at 15:30
💰 Free ~ a fee of 300¥ applies for the hands-on workshop. 


Momofuku Ando, born in Taiwan and moved to Japan first created the instant ramen back in 1958. Created in his shed through much trial and error it was released at 35¥ which was higher than the traditional noodle at the time, making it a superior product.

Years passed which saw the instant noodle becoming more and more popular and in 1971 it was commercialised to the Cup of Noodle that we still know today. Mount Fuji Research Institute places it as one of the greatest inventions in Japan of the 20th Century, meaning it’s above karaoke and Pokemon. I’m not sure if I’d put it that high up on the list.


There is a Theatre that shows the story of Ando and how the noodles came about, however it’s all in Japanese. They do offer an audio guild in English/Chinese for a deposit (which you get back) of 2000¥. 

There are a few interactive aspects of the museum, again most likely better if you can read/understand Japanese however they do have English translations on some.


There are many youtube videos online about how the workshop goes about and you can see a story highlight on my instagram feed called  🇯🇵 cup of noodle to see my experience.

You’ll line up to receive a cup (the 300Y cost) and then sanitise your hands before you’re allowed to sit down and decorate your noodle cup.

Offering a range of colours, you’ll be able to decorate your cup in any reason you seem fit – remember you are handing this cup to a then human who will see it, so keep it PG rated would you!

You’re able to spin your own noodles into your designed cup, pick up to 4 ingredients (I read somewhere that there is over 5000 combinations!) before you place it into plastic packaging to take home, albeit not very good for the environment.

Have you been to the Noodle Museum? What did you think? Let me know!

As always, stay cool.


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