Hi Pals,
I was recently able to return to Hiroshima after winning a competition for free flights with Japan Airlines. They’ve just released a new direct route from Melbourne – Tokyo and believe me, it was one of the best flights I’ve taken. A little care package, snacks, decent food and a range of entertainment options (opinion my own).
Last time I was in Japan I wasn’t able to make it to a few places in Hiroshima or Miyajima (at all) due to lack of time and opting to check out Bunny Island instead. This time around, I was ready to have a full two days doing this area.


Getting to Hiroshima:

 From Tokyo

🚄 The Bullet Train: 

1h 41m  ¥11,610| AUD: $239| USD: $175
Included in the JR PASS (¥29,100* – automatically meaning if you’re taking more than one bullet train, including Hiroshima – this will be the best bet. Reminder: Say No to Nozomi)
The Bullet Trains are beyond anything! They will cut your time more than in half. They have toilets, reclining seats, food carts and if you’re a smoker – a smokers room on board as well.
Don’t have a JR PASS? There are other ways to get there, such as the Seishun 18 ticket

🚌 B U S :

12h15m ¥8,600 – ¥18,500 | AUD $108 – 230| USD $78 – 168
Willer Bus has 4 direct buses overnight or an option that has transfers in Osaka. The high reviews and if you want more info, read a detailed blog post here. In terms of value/money, you can also save a night on accommodation. 

✈️ F L Y :

1h 20m   ¥12,035 – 16,047 | $150 – 200 AUD | $109 – 145 USD |
Airlines of note: Peach, Eva, IBEX,
The airport is 50 minutes out of the main Hiroshima area, meaning unless you wish to pay an exorbitant amount for a taxi – you’ll be spending some time on transport transfers.
If you’ve already decided on this route, here is the “limousine” timetable that’ll cost you  ¥1,340 and take 55 mins.

 Kyoto  / Osaka

🚄 Shinkansen Train
3h 58m 10,570 ¥ (one way)| AUD: $130.05| USD: $94.73
Included in the JR PASS 
🚄Shinkansen Train
2h 26m 9,710 ¥ (one way) | AUD: $119.47| USD: 87.03
Included in the JR PASS
🚃 Kansai Pass (5 days ¥13,500)

Hyperdia will give you routes for ¥6,480, however, will take you around 5-6 hours over 3-5 transfers. Untick Bullet trains.
🚃   Tokaido-Sanyo Line ¥160 to Shin-Osaka and use Kansai pass (5 days ¥13,500)
Hyperdia will give you routes for ¥5,620, however, will take you around 5-6 hours over 3-5 transfers.  Untick Bullet trains.
🚌 Willer Bus offer overnight/bus routes from ¥3,500 🚌 Willer Bus offer overnight/bus routes from ¥3,500
✈️ Kyoto doesn’t have an airport so you’ll have to train to Osaka first and fly from there.
🚄 ¥560 or included in the JR Pass 
✈️ Flights are very expensive (400+ AUD) so you’re best to purchase the JR / Train / Bus. If you wish to look check Google, Skyscanner, Kyak.


Hiroshima was once a transportation key of Japan with around 200,000 people. It was a military city with numerous academic institutions. On August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped, it took three days for the fires to settle. I think the best way to learn about the history is to visit the Peace Memorial Museum and see it for yourself how devastating the bomb haunted the Hiroshima area + Japan. History aside, it still remains the only atomic bomb to have been detonated. 

Peace Memorial Museum

⏰  Mon-Sun 8:30-17:00 (last entry 30 minutes before closing time.
Note – Peak Times it is open until 18/19:00 check here.
💰 ¥200 Adults + ¥100 Students, Children Free.

Peace Memorial Park + Atomic Bomb Dome

⏰  24 hours.
💰 Free.
Personally, dusk was my favourite time to visit as it created this calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Children’s Peace Memorial

⏰  24 hours.
💰 Free.

Hiroshima Castle

I have absolutely no idea where my photos went for Hiroshima Castle. I went there. I enjoyed my time there. I took photos there, I had ice-cream there.  I’ve checked every device? So please see a detailed blog post here on what it’s like.


🏢 H O S T E L:

HOSTEL MALLIKA  T A (Trip Advisor)
Great location – take bus #24/25 from Hiroshima Station. Easy walk to dome, museum & castle (well… when it’s not a heat wave…) Lawson’s convenience store across the road for quick snacks.


Free toast + coffee.


 Free shampoo, conditioner & body wash. Private showers, toilets in rooms (kinda close)


Mixed Capsule Dorms. Light, Fan & power plugs in each bed.
lockers + bag locks.


Free wifi, common area,  kitchen.




November 2017:
When we arrived into Hiroshima, we were staying at an Airbnb pretty close to the dome – you can check it here (fits up to 10 people.) We went to go check out Hiroshima Castle, and on the way back we saw a large group of people dressed up, ready to see Baby Metal, a Japanese kawaii metal band. This made us late to the Museum for last entry so we went out for Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients a restaurant that will cook with all the ingredients right in front of you.




Have you been to Hiroshima?
As always, stay cool.
– Sarah


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