Monthly Moments: August

Hi Pals,

August was pretty fantastic. I spent my time doing the following;

– Mario kart tour of Tokyo, Japan.
– Seeing my friend who I last saw in Bolivia four years ago!
– Having brunch with my Uncle and Aunt.
– Spending the day exploring The NSW Art Gallery and having great coffee & cake with my favourite gal pal!
– Having a Twitter meet up & winning $10 on a scratchy.

Check out my favourite August photo moments below!




How was August for you? Let me know!
As always, stay cool.
– Sarah.


  1. Man, it seems that the go kart tour around Tokyo is a really popular thing for folk to do! I remember riding a racing kart for the first time as a teen, going so damn fast and feeling weird cos I didn’t even have my road licence yet – couldn’t imagine what it’d be like doing it on city streets, especially in Japan!


    1. It’s super popular! I don’t think the residents all that like it, but everyone that sees you waves and takes photos. It’s like being a bit of a celebrity. I would 100% recommend it. This time, you’ll need your licence however haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can imagine that having held my licence for some almost-20 years (dear gods) should make it relatively easy to collect an international licence from VicRoads for use over there, though I imagine that there’d be plenty of paperwork to complete over there before I could actually drive 😉


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