Nusa Penida

Hi Pals,
After we left Ubud we headed for an island called ‘Nusa Penida.’ It’s situated between Bali and Lombok and known for its pristine beach views.

🎶 If you like Nusa Penida, and getting caught in the sun. 🎶
Click read more to see how to get to Nusa Penida and what to do while you’re there!

In this article, you’ll find:

To Note: Things to be aware of.
The Basics: How to get to Nusa Penida
My Top Choices: What you should see
Where to Stay: Where I stayed.
What I did: My diary entry.


  • ATM: For us, the only Australian card that seemed to work was my ING VISA. Others had Commonwealth, Nab and Anz.
  • ROADS: They’re not always paved and I don’t mean just dust and dirt I mean chunks.of.rock just out and about in the roads. Drive Safe. Take your time. Ensure your breaks are working. Trust the person your driving with. Have insurance.
  • Other Resources: Check some photography travel blogs here or here or even here and if you want a list of some interesting places that you can scuba at click here


Getting to Nusa Penida.

🚌 BUS 

Sanur from Ubud
KuraBus > Line 5 which also goes via Ubud. Buses depart every 2 hours from 09:00 – 18:40 and around 4 times a day.  | One Way: IDR 80,000 | Return: 120,000

Padang Bai from Denpasar/Kuta
 Take a microbus from Ubung Bus Station to the Padang Bai Port for 40 – 60 IDR.

🚕 TAXI –

There is a post from 2016 on Trip Advisor that has 21 pages of user recommendations of drivers here.


Padang Bai

Denpasar/  Kuta  120,000 IDR |11.10 AUD|7.85 USD 350,000 IDR | 32.53 AUD | 23.05 USD
Seminyak 120,000 IDR |11.10 AUD|7.85 USD 380,000 IDR |35.32 AUD |25.02 USD
Ubud 200,000 IDR |18.45 aud| 13.12 USD 270,000 | 25.10 AUD | 17.78 USD

⛴️ Ferry: From Padang Bai

The Ferry from Padang Bai goes TWICE a day and can be delayed by 2-3 hours depending on capacity.  The good thing about Padang Bai is that it accepts scooters.

⏰ 10:00 – 17:00
💰Adult: 31,000 IDR |2.88 AUD |2.04 USD
Scooter: IDR 50,000IDR | 4.65 AUD | 3.29 AUD

⛴️ Ferry: From Sanur

The fast boat from Sanur kind of depends on your bartering skills. You can pay anywhere from 250,000 to 400,000 return.


Atuh Beach

💰  10,000 to access road.
📝 –  Take Cash, Water. 
There is a strip of restaurants with bean bags, tables and umbrellas. You can buy mango juices (so good) fresh fish, omelettes and some Balinese coffee. One store had ice-cream flavoured Oreos. There are large steps that go down to this beach. Try to get there for high tide as low tide isn’t particularly great.

Be Aware – the road to Atuh Beach is not all paved. It’s rocky. When I say rocky I mean rocky. Once you get off that bike you’ll be frustrated with a hella sweaty butt.

Broken Beach + Angel Beach

💰  6,000 to park & access the beach.
Broken Beach used to be a cave that fell through. Some advise tales of villages that used to be located here. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some Mantas (i was not lucky.)

Be Aware – the road to Broken Beach may be the worst we had. It’s not all paved. It’s rocky. When I say rocky I mean rocky. Once you get off that bike you’ll be frustrated with a hella sweaty butt.

Goa Giri Putri Temple

💰  Donation – recommended: 10 – 15,000 IDR.
📝 – Bring a sarong to this temple or you can rent them for 5-10,000.
      – For those who menstruate, they advise you are not supposed to visit.
      – Those who wear crystals, please place them in your bag and not wear them. 
The temples within this cave have been a place of worship and pilgrimage. In 1993 a long-legged crab with orange pincers and no shell was discovered. The Girl Putri Cave Crab is on the red list of threatened species.
Once you climb the stairs to the entrance, someone will greet you with holy water. close! your! eyes! I got holy water smack bang in my eye. Great, my right eye is blessed.


We had some issues with our accommodation and ended up staying at Pondok Kana – it’s super close to the Boat Port and with a scooter, you can access the island pretty easily.  Book on here.


Coffee & Breakfast – Pancakes available after 8:00 for 30,000IDR


Private bathrooms within the room. Toilet, basin, and shower.


private rooms either huts with mosquito nets or private rooms that have mosquito nets over the windows.
Each lock privately with own key.


Free wifi, dining area near the bar.


Bar area with beers and water.


So checking out of Ubud, we had a driver called ‘Bobby.’ Now Bobby seemed pretty nice, Bobby was asking where we were from, Bobby seemed interested in how long we’d been staying in Bali for and Bobby wanted to know what we’d been doing.
We were heading off to a port called Padang Bai as we had researched it was the cheaper of the ports to go. Bobby started saying that it wasn’t the best idea as we could be on a boat for 5-6 hours and we may not have any boats at all!! Bobby then started to convince us to go to the other port whilst starting to try and get us to buy boat tickets through him – we didn’t have WiFi and we weren’t 100% confident with our memory so although we went to the other port, we waited until we could research boat options. Once we connected to the internet, we realised we’d been done! We got tourist done! Bobby got the best of us. Don’t get Bobby’d! Although, it happens to the best of us. So you can take a boat from Padang Bai with no issues regardless of what Bobbys you may meet.


Once we arrived at Sanur, it was easy enough to buy some boat tickets and get on. We each paid 300,000 IDR for a return ticket with Idola Boats. They throw your bags on top, with one of our friends who got to ride up top (lucky.) Once we got to the Island, there are a range of people offering scooter taxis if you need to get to where you’re staying. If you’re staying nearby, you can just walk!

The first day we just swam at a nearby beach, went and grabbed some food from a warung next door before having an early night before we scoot off for a day of adventure. IMG_4885

We only had three full days on Nusa Penida and possibly needed a bit more time or probably perhaps a better planned out trip.
We checked out the Cave and Atuh Beach the first day and then Broken Beach the second.  Broken Beach has a good warung up the top with a swing that outlooks the ocean which is a nice photo op depending on the lighting.

The third day was to check out Manta Bay in which we saw some fish, lovely coral but no Mantas 😦 I was low key a bit glad because they look pretty big and I might have been a bit terrified if we’d seen them.

After a day on the rocky sea, swimming about to try and find some Mantas we went and got some well deserving massages as Spa Avocado.

Another thing that was particularly noticeable about Nusa Penida is street art. It’s full of environmental messages about trash, animals and caring about our future.

Have you been to Nusa Penida? Did I miss something? What did you think?
Do you want to go?
Let me know below!

As always, Stay Cool.
– Sarah.




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