Monthly Moments: October

Hi Pals,

Thanks for checking in on my October.

October is one of my favourite months. This time around it was a bit exhausting but still had brilliant bits. I’ve been planning my next leg overseas (Malaysia) as well as my move overseas starting with a trip to Greece before Canada.  It’s the first month of Spring in Australia, rooftop bars are opening and more doggos are showing up in parks. It also ends with Halloween (a post will be later about that) but right now, here’s what happened in October.

Check out my favourite October moments below!

  • Had friends over for a Halloween dinner party.
  • Went to celebrate a friends birthday in Edinburgh Gardens.
  • Went to see some art at The Ballarat Art Gallery with my best pal from High School and tried to catch up on everything over coffee. 
  • Went for a walk around our 6km lake which I hadn’t done since school. 
  • Had a twitter meet up! 
  • Went to an engagement party for an old team leader and got to see some old team members! 
  • I had my 10-year high school reunion and got to spend time with some people I hadn’t seen for yonks. 
  • My friends and I got out of an escape room with 2 seconds to spare which turned out to be an entire fluke!
  • I finished two books which I didn’t really like (a crime and a romance.) I’ve now started “The Princess Bride” and so far I’m loving it! 


What happened in your October? Are you planning any trips?
Are you reading any books? Catching up with pals?
Let me know!

As Always,
Stay Cool.
– Sarah.


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