How to add guests to an Airbnb trip

Hi Pals,
I love AirBnb, and I especially love looking at all the fantastic homes people have. Recently, I was having issues adding guests on an upcoming trip.

So, just in case you’re also having issues; here’s how to add a guest to your Airbnb trip:

1. Go to Your Trips on

2. Under the trip, click on “Show Trip Details”

3. Click on “Your home reservation.”

4. Scroll down until you see ‘Who’s coming’ and select Manage.

5. Enter the Guest Name and Email and click “Invite.”

Those guests will receive an email to accept the invite. Reviews will then be left on their profiles.

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Happy Holidaying,
– Sarah.

2018 Reading Challenge

Hi Pals,
Every year I try and read 20 books. This year, technically I cheated but that’s if you count the start and the end date (you do.) I didn’t count the finishing date for my last book. We can’t all be perfect in the GoodReads Reading Challenge!

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Monthly Moments: December

Hi Pals,
Thanks for checking in on my December.

December was a bit of a long month for me and I guess that’s to be expected because it really has a lot in it. You’ve got the holiday period, things to organise, places to go and everyone’s scrambling to get gifts and plan everything out.

Check out my favourite December moments below!
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