SO, your Airline went bankrupt.

Hi Pals,
So after exploring the Balkans, I had a two day stop over in Paris, France. While sitting at a bar in Prishtina, our conversation turned to flights, having friends in the airline industry and how some of our travels don’t pan out how we always want (ironic this is also how this post is gonna go.)

The people at this bar told me that their Icelandic friend had lost his job due to the airline going bankrupt. Of course, that airline was none other than WOW Airlines, the airline I was flying Paris > Montreal on.

honestly, can you believe that this is the second time an Airline has gone bankrupt on me????? The first time I kinda just shrugged and figured “well I guess that’s that.” This time, this time, I’m older, wiser (well..) and I knew what to do.

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Prizren; a sleeping beauty

Hello Pals,
Prizren is the second largest city within Kosovo and has the reputation of being the most beautiful. With a fortress overlooking terracotta roofed houses and a large river flowing between, it can be easy to understand why.
Mostly, a lot of things remain closed in Prizren – but it’s a lovely town to walk around in, it also may have just been the day I visited.

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Mitrovica; a city of two sides.

Hello Pals,
While in Prishtina, I took a day trip to Mitrovica. Originally called Demetrius in the middle ages, it was changed to Mitrovica following the Ottoman conquest. Represented by international media perhaps as dangerous or on edge, I assure you at the time of this – I had nothing but a good experience.
Mitrovica is an interesting example of seeing a city divided by two, in the Serbian side – they use the Serbian Dinar and on the Albanian side, the Euro (as the rest of Kosovo)

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Prishtina, a city you’ll want to stay in.

Hello Pals,
I spent ten days in Kosovo, and I’m here to say it wasn’t enough. What initially got me to Kosovo was the statue of Bill Clinton and his big hands (no honestly, Kosovo has an issue with realistic hand size). After that, it was reading that you’ll fall in love with the country and people, which I did. Usually, I try to keep low expectations, but Kosovo – I had them high from the start, and it did not

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