SO, your Airline went bankrupt.

Hi Pals,
So after exploring the Balkans, I had a two day stop over in Paris, France. While sitting at a bar in Prishtina, our conversation turned to flights, having friends in the airline industry and how some of our travels don’t pan out how we always want (ironic this is also how this post is gonna go.)

The people at this bar told me that their Icelandic friend had lost his job due to the airline going bankrupt. Of course, that airline was none other than WOW Airlines, the airline I was flying Paris > Montreal on.

honestly, can you believe that this is the second time an Airline has gone bankrupt on me????? The first time I kinda just shrugged and figured “well I guess that’s that.” This time, this time, I’m older, wiser (well..) and I knew what to do.

So click “read more” if you’d like to know what to do if your airline ever goes bankrupt.

STEP ONE: Re-book your flight.

PART A: Search for Flights.
I’m sorry to say, but you need to re-book your flight. You can look on either Skyscanner or Google Flights (or whichever search function you prefer) for airlines that fly the same route.

PART B: Contact the Airlines.
When you find the airlines that are flying your route, you can contact their Customer Service Representatives to see if they are offering discounts for those who were flying the bankrupt airline.

I contacted Air Transit via facebook and they advised they could offer me 30% off if booked between certain dates.

STEP TWO: Travel Insurance

PART A: Read your T&Cs.
If you have ever read any of my ‘Before You Go’ posts, you’ll know that I recommend travel insurance highly. I must also mention, that the time I purchased it – I wasn’t going back to Australia, meaning it wasn’t valid. (how do I travel? how do I make it anywhere? your guess is as good as mine.)

PART B: Claim.
If you are able to claim with travel insurance, do it as fast as you can. Insurance companies usually have a window of 30 days.

STEP THREE: Dispute.

PART A: Contact your bank for a chargeback
If you have purchased your flight through a Visa / Mastercard than you have a likely chance of getting the funds back.
Again, the sooner you do this the better.
Search: [Your Bank] dispute form and it should come up with a PDF and how to fill it out.

PART B: Send it to your bank.
Some have electronic forms, some require you to email it. Be aware, each bank has different processing times and you will not get your funds back anytime soon (sadly.) Most timeframes advise anywhere from 45 – 120 days.

My personal dispute got sent on the 1st April 2019 and I had received an email on the 15 May 2019 advising that I had been awarded the funds back.

Note: if you are thinking you can both claim travel insurance, and dispute and come out on top – you can not but I am not a legal nor banking representative i’m just saying do not do it.

Have you ever had to re-book your flight?
How did you cope with finding out the news?
Let me know below,
As Always,
Stay Cool.
– Sarah.


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