Five places to get your vegan food fix on in Playa Del Carmen!

Hi Pals,
Normally, I would do a post on a place itself, but Playa Del Carmen really just didn’t have enough to do within itself. This time, I’m going to recommend fives places to get your vegetarian/vegan food fix on – and believe me, they’re good.

To see my five recommended places to eat in Playa Del Carmen, click ‘read more’

Playa Del Carmen is known for the party aspects, resorts (especially all-inclusive – which we did try at Reef 28 which was an interesting experience and a great way to relax.) and also as a hub to stay for a while, and explore what’s nearby.

All my posts have a key:
⏰ Opening Hours. 📍Location 🕒Distance
📶Wifi 📝 To note. 🎒What to bring.
♿ Accessibility 🌱Vegan / Veg Options 🔗Links
any affiliate links will always have (affiliate) next to it

🥘 Bio-Natural

⏰ 08:00 – 23:00
📍 10 Avenida Nte., Centro
🌱vegan + vego options
📝English menu and English speaking staff.
Bio Natural is not only a store, but a restaurant. It offers vegan and organic products from snacks to toiletries – anything you may need. Offering free wifi, fresh juices and a range of food from breakfast > dinner you can’t go wrong. They have the most amazing cauliflower ribs and mixed in with a quinoa bowl is to die for. The portions are big, and we often had to make sure we were actually hungry before coming here.


⏰ 08:30 – 22:00
📍 Calle 10 Nte, Gonzalo Guerrero, 77710
🌱vegetarian and vegan.
My friend and I came to La Senda a few times, and each time tried something new and was amazing. The Staff are very friendly, and happy to help you alter the menu if needed. It’s fresh, delicious and reasonably priced compared to some other restaurants.

🥘 COMET 984

⏰ 13:00 – 21:00 | Closed Tuesday.
📍 77710 Calle 8 Norte LB Entre Avenida 20 y 25, Centro
🌱Fully Vegan.
An experience of a 50’s diner with booths, colour schemes and music to match. With beyond beef burgers, vegan hot dogs and you get a very American feel. The milkshakes, however, that’s the main selling spot – they are SO GOOD. Coming with metal straws, not only vegan but environmentally friendly.

🥘 El Fogon

⏰ 13:00 – 18:00
📍 Av Constituyentes, Quintas del Carmen, Gonzalo Guerrero
🌱vegetarian and vegan options.
📝 no english menu
Fast paced tacos with vegetarian options to make-your-own. Of course, get a a side order of guacamole. Try sit outside because it gets super hot inside. Waiters come fast, serve fast. Some reviews advise that you’re forced to tip, we didn’t experience this. It’s got a local feel and if you’re wanting a Mexican experience – come here.

🥘 The Pitted Date

⏰ 08:00 – 20:00
📍 Avenida CTM Mz 174 Lote 1,2 y 3 Local 6, Zazil-ha, 77720
🌱vegetarian and vegan.
📶 has wifi.
📝English menu and English speaking staff.
📝I went to the location in Tulum, and it was incredible so I’ve added it to this list as well.
The hardest part of coming to the Pitted Date is picking what to eat. The service is incredible, the coffee is fantastic and they’ve got great sweets and pastries with a range of juices.

Will you go try any of these vegan / vegetarian restaurants next time you’re in Playa Del Carmen?
Have I missed any you’d put in your top 5?
Let me know below!
As Always,
Stay Cool.
– Sarah.

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