six months of see-ya to fast fashion.

Hello Pals,

It’s been over six months since i purchased new clothes.* I think like so many people, I had that period of time where my drawers and cupboards were just overflowing with items; half probably still having tags on them. Looking back, I tried to buy items I liked but had nothing to wear with, or I tried to buy items I wished I could wear but didn’t feel like me.

When I went Asheville in North Carolina to visit a a best pal, we spoke about things that matter to us, what we want to do with our lives. I wanted to be more economical and sustainable with my choices. After living with the same clothes for majority of my trip around Canada and Mexico for 9 months I realised that most new clothes were purchased second hand so why not try a whole year?

Click “Read More” to see what finds I’ve gotten this year from second hand stores.