six months of see-ya to fast fashion.

Hello Pals,

It’s been over six months since i purchased new clothes.* I think like so many people, I had that period of time where my drawers and cupboards were just overflowing with items; half probably still having tags on them. Looking back, I tried to buy items I liked but had nothing to wear with, or I tried to buy items I wished I could wear but didn’t feel like me.

When I went Asheville in North Carolina to visit a a best pal, we spoke about things that matter to us, what we want to do with our lives. I wanted to be more economical and sustainable with my choices. After living with the same clothes for majority of my trip around Canada and Mexico for 9 months I realised that most new clothes were purchased second hand so why not try a whole year?

Click “Read More” to see what finds I’ve gotten this year from second hand stores.

I’ve never been one to actively have a new outfit everyday, each day – just take a look at my instagram and you’ll see i’m an outfit repeater, and pretty proud of it. I think social media places unrealistic expectations on what we should be wearing, looking like and doing. There are countless YouTube videos on “hauls” people have purchased. That’s not to say, buying new things don’t feel good – they do! That’s why retail shopping feels so good, that’s why we coined the term “retail therapy.”

According to EDGE EXPO | Fashion Industry Waste Statistics the “average consumer buying 60 percent more pieces of garment compared to 15 years ago. Yet, each clothing item is now kept half as long.” which is an incredible difference, and then as consumers, are throwing away 70 pounds |31 kilograms per year, per person.

I think people forget that you can grab some incredible finds at second hand stores, online and through friends. Here are those finds.



Although majority of the second hand stores were closed (and remain to be) during this pandemic, there are so many ways you can purchase local and affordable ways online.

  • Sacred Heart, an AU second hand shop has an online store on both Instagram & eBay (electronics) so perhaps stores in your area do too.
  • Depop: Buy, sell and discover fashion and then take a look at the depop drama IG for incredible chats between users.
    🔗 GooglePlay 🔗AppStore
  • Facebook Marketplace: Categorise into Home & Garden, Clothing, Hobbies.
  • Etsy: Vintage to Handmade items from Jewelry to Toys to Art and Craft Supplies.
  • Mottainai [AU] Australian second-hand items with free shipping.



Can you tell I’m a fan of knits? This Sideshow one is my absolute favourite, pure cotton and the best colour. The black is a vintage privilege – made of acrylic and wool. It’s high neckline and slim fit means it pretty much teams up with anything. The mustard was given to me by a friend, which is mostly just a weekend / lounge around jumper and maroon one in the mens section the other day meaning I’ve fulfilled my jumper intake for winter.


So technically, one was just left at my house and the other were given to me. Nothing beats this GAP Marino Wool cardi, it’s unbelievably warm and seeing as I’m back in Melbourne – needed. You always need a classic denim jacket and a large fluffy cardigan too.


The blue blouse is from Vallygirl or something similar and the other two have no labels, so i assume made in Asia from markets. They’re super breathable, comfy and would have been great if I was travelling.


This Bardot Denim skirt, made from cotton and a black linen/cotton blended skirt which is from Kmart (but got second hand.) Skirts are probably the thing I wear the most, and I’ve had my current ones for around 3-4 years from Princess Highway. This brand is super hard to find second hand in store however 😦


Lululemon found in the second hand store, RRP $119.00 AUD and I picked them up for around $12.99. I don’t think I’d ever actively (HA!) spend that much on leggings. White ripped Dotti Jeans (I really want linen white pants, but they’re hard to come buy – so this’ll do in the meantime) which isn’t exactly my style but I don’t actually mind them on.


I thought I was going to be in Vietnam right about now (thanks C19) so I purchased this blue floral dress, handmade in Indonesia for around $5. Turns out it opens way too much to be appropriate so I need to tailor it. I’m not a try before buy person.
The next, grey/green dress is one of my favourite brands – Jigsaw. I’ve had a cardigan from them for around 6 years and it’s still going strong. I’ve searched high and low for this brand “Sienna+Thomas” and cannot locate it anywhere. I’ve worn it once out, split chocolate on it, and then proceeded to be angry at myself for purchasing white.

You’ll notice my whole wardrobe is mustards, navy, black, white and maroon but hey, it is what it is.

Have you tried to change your environmental footprint? How have you been doing?
Let me know below.
As always, stay cool.
– Sarah.

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