Meteora, via Trikala.

Hello Pals,
I went to Meteora for a day to see the Monasteries and spend a bit of time in Trikala, a charming city nearby. I can imagine both these places to be full of life during the summer – but winter allowed me to feel more at ease.
If you don’t have the time to check out Trikala – that’s fine, but I wouldn’t miss Meteora at all!

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Delphi; The Centre of Greece.

Hello Pals,
Geographically, Delphi probably isn’t the centre of Greece. Mythologically, it’s said that when Zeus released two eagles to locate the navel, they landed in Delphi.
Apollo (God of Light, Knowledge & Harmony) kept his sanctuary here and was the site of the ancient Oracle (to provide wise & insightful predictions of the future.) It is said some of the first forms of divination occurred in Delphi. In 2002 The New York times released an article that the oracles were actually just kinda high lmao.

Delphi Oracles’ wisdom came back to the three life rules;
Know Thyself . | Everything in Moderation | Harmony in Difference.

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Thessaloniki, the heart of Greece.

Hello Pals,
Thessaloniki is the second biggest city after Athens, yet it sees little tourism. It’s a tourists paradise – honestly. The amount of signs telling you the history of all the monuments, the sign posts telling you how many minutes to walk somewhere (some even have the amount of calories you’ll burn lmao!) and the amount of things you can see and do even on a budget!

I loved Thessaloniki, so i’m calling it ‘the heart of Greece.’. Delphi may be the centre, but Thessaloniki stole the heart. As our tour guild said; Thessaloniki is what it is hiding, not what it is showing.
The history of Thessaloniki is strong, in 1917 a fire left 70,000 people homeless and destroyed 9,500 houses. [2] It was a place that people called home, as nobody is without a home as long as Thessaloniki exists. The word you’ll read/hear the most is UNESCO – and you’ll surely see why by reading this, and when you visit.

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Greece: Athens.

Hello Pals,
When discussing Athens, a lot of people seem to not like it. They don’t like it when they arrive, they leave after a few days and don’t let this massive city grow on them. Big cities enhance your feelings; there is too much processing. You need to stop, go to a cafe, people watch and take it easy.

Athens is full of great food, great people and great coffee! You just need to keep your wits, trust your guts and do some research before hand.

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Before you go: Greece.

Hello Pals,

Before you go to any country you should learn some basics but also double check those important things such as Visa and Vaccines.

  🛂 VISA 
Depending on where you’re from, you may need a visa for the Schengen area. Check here.
Majority of countries do not need a tourist visa and will automatically receive 90 days in any 180-day period.
Click here to make sure you’ve got the necessary jabs!
National Language is Greek. Try and learn common phrases such as hello, goodbye, please and thank you here.
Euro. Code: EUR.
Check your exchange here.

Here’s a list of things you should know before you travel to Greece.